The first session of Arsenal Rowing is well under way. As most of you know every Wednesday evening the Arsenal Rowing crew has been hitting the water for some learn to row sessions, and a little racing….

What you might not know is all the great things about our rowing coach Hideyoshi Watabe!

After a little sit down with Yosh, this is what we came to know.

Hideyoshi, better known as “Hide” has been Rowing for 11 years.  He got his start as a rowing by walking on the Boston University Men’s Crew team in 2007.  He found many parallels between serving in the US Army and rowing for on a crew team.  “It’s all about pulling for your teammates. The success of the boat depends on the trust between the boat-mates” he says.

 After graduating he continued to follow his passion of teaching by coaching for the Boston University’s summer rowing program. He taught novices and masters to row both in sculling and sweep style rowing.  He believes anyone can row, “Rowing is a self-selecting sport, you decide whether you want to continue to row.”

Hideyoshi’s day job is at Choate Investment Advisors.  In his free time he works out at Crossfit Arsenal and rows out of Cambridge Boat Club.  He also enjoys spending time with his family and buying expensive things that he shouldn’t.

Hide will be taking our crew through the entire summer’s training season as well as coaching our boar through the Head of the Charles Regatta.

Interested in rowing this summer with Arsenal?  Find out more on the members page or reach out to Coach Jason at [email protected]