Announcing the Arsenal Brazlian Jiu Jitsu Academy:

As I have shared with some of you, my introduction to the “fitness” community actually started with martial arts.  Boxing, wrestling, and a slew of more formal martial arts formed the beginnings of my passion for physical, mental and spiritual training.  It began out of a need – not necessarily to BE safe – but to FEEL safe. Eventually, martial arts led to something much more: a discipline, an art, and a purpose that drove my entire life for almost 10 years.
When I made the transition out of the mixed martial arts world in 2009, it was time. I was physically broken, and rather than use the discipline to build my life, I had let it trap me into an identity with limited outcomes.  So I left it behind for another physical discipline: CrossFit and weightlifting, which become my community.  A community of growth, where anyone with the will to grow can start right where they are and take concrete steps every day towards building personal strength.  Anyone.
I recently reconnected with one of my first mentors in the martial arts world, who is a very talented teacher, martial artist, and fighter who taught me the game.  When he and I first started training together, the game was a small ocean and we were sharks. We went our separate ways for some time, and upon reconnecting we have oddly found ourselves in the same place again.
It’s important for me to be clear about who I am and the path I’ve taken in this journey, and where I see myself going.  I’ve fought mixed martial arts but I wouldn’t say I ever was a fighter.  I’ve fought Muay Thai in a ring for short money but I wouldn’t say I was ever a professional.  And I’ve spent thousands and thousands of hours on a mat honing my craft in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu with some of the best practitioners in the world but I wouldn’t say I am a master.  However, where I am now and what I’m looking to do is to share my experience, not just with those who are already strong, but with those who want to learn what this type of physical strength can look like.
So, enough with stories and abstractions (and feelings for that matter).  CrossFit Arsenal will be introducing the Arsenal Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Academy starting this week.  If you have ever been interested in learning practical self defense skills based on real world experience (I spent 10 years of practical application as a night club security manager) and/or have wanted to get your feet wet in the BJJ competition scene, or are just looking to apply that fitness to a new skill, this is for you.
If you are a CrossFitter, you are probably a lot more durable than you think.  The straightest line to being more durable is to be strong and well conditioned.  Those two components are probably the most hearty physical attributes, and as a CrossFitter you train those components everyday.  There is not one lion in the world that knows Jiu Jitsu, but no one questions its strength.
As a Jiu Jitsu athlete the opposite is also true: Jiu Jitsu is “the soft art” built on the foundation of technique, understanding the direction of your opponent, and leverage. However, there is no disputing that two artists of the same skill are divided by their physical attributes.
There is a balance then.  Strength, discipline, art and technique – they stand independently but they also combine together to foster greater strength and growth.
Arsenal Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Academy:
Where- CrossFit Arsenal
When- Tuesday Evenings @8pm
Cost- CrossFit Arsenal Members- Included in Membership Forever
        -Non CrossFit Arsenal Members Free Until July 1st
Discipline is Strength- Jason G