I love snow days in Boston. In all honesty, when I moved to Boston 7 years ago I thought that no such thing would exist.  I’m from the deep south, Atlanta by way of New Orleans, and if a single snow flake touches the ground where I am from, then the entire city shuts down and a state of emergency is declared. Cars start sliding off the road even if they are parked, and there is mass confusion.  But when I moved to Boston I had this idea in my mind that there would be wooly mammoths pushing snow plows and 100 year old Irish men snow shoeing into work without a second thought.  While I don’t want to discount the real challenges of the recent weather, broadly speaking, I have not been surprised by it.

Which brings me back to my original point, why I love snow days in Boston. It’s a chance to test my resolve to my commitments and put my money where my mouth is.  As you know, CrossFit Arsenal doesn’t take snow days, or hurricane days or take days off.  If Dunkin Donuts is closed and you can make it to Arsenal, I’ll make you a cup of coffee.  Keeping the gym open no matter what is not actually necessary, nobody absolutely must get their workout in.  What is necessary is small acts of defiance, a willingness to follow through when everyone not only says it’s okay to take the day off, but that you should.  It’s an act of discipline that stays ahead of closing on holidays, or birthdays or when its too cold or too hot or just because it seems like a good idea. It’s a commitment I make to every client, that even though you can’t make it in, if you can or even just wanted to, the doors will be open.
Isn’t that what we are doing in our training?  Defying our own average.  We aren’t training to survive (though some of us might be).  We are training to be stronger, or leaner, to breath easier, walk faster, carry more… to live better.  We are defying time and surrounding ourselves with those looking to do the same.  When we could just be home on the couch, taking a snow day, talking about starting tomorrow, or Monday or…..
So in case you were wondering, the gym will be open.
Make good decisions, you are all adults.
Call me if you need a ride.